Welcome to this blog!  You can comment on any book that you read during the summer.  Remember, everything you write should be a reflection of you.  Never write anything that you wouldn't want Grandma to read!


Hannah Duncan
06/06/2011 05:47

Hi! This is such a cool website! I'm currently reading a book that I really recommend! It's called "Eternal".

The prequel to this book is called "Tantalize".

These great reads are written by Cynthia Leitch Smith. She's a really talented author. I love how she is so descriptive in her creations. You can really form the scene in your mind as you read, and it feels like you're there with the characters!

Unfortunatly I've only read Eternal, the 2nd book in the series. I went to the public library yesterday and found this book on the shelf. The didn't have Tantalize, so I just got this one. I'm almost finished Eternal. I'm searching for Tantalize, so I can read that one next.

Eternal is about Vampires(They prefer to call them Eternals.) and Angels. Guardian Angels, Fallen Angels, Archangels, regular Angels. For those Twilight lovers, you're really missing out on a good book. This book is a variation of "Dracula". One of the protagonists, Dracul, a vampire; of course. This book gets a lot of ideas from Dracula. As well as the story of maiden Elizabeth Bathory. It really is intriguing.

The story takes place in 2 points of view, Zachary, and Miranda. Zachary is my favorite character. I'm not gonna spoil anything else! Read it for yourself if you're interested.

These books would most likely be classified as a 14+ novel.
As far as my reading level goes, I'd say they are a short read. With 307 pages in Eternal, and average if not slightly larger print, It's taken me 8 hours to read, on and off reading. I'm sure Tantalize doesn't stray far from that statement.

Overall, these books include A LOT of action, (well there are vampires involved, what did you expect?) Romance, of course. Quite a bit of it too. Nothing ignorant to the teenage mind. We also have comedy in the mix.

I love this book, it gets 5 stars from me! I stayed up all last night to read it. :)

Iris Junixsa Ortiz Del Valle
06/12/2011 17:38

I am reading this book called Umbrella Summer and it starts like this "If you started".... and as far as I have read it is a really good book

Melissa Hindsley
06/15/2011 18:14

I am Reading this Book Called "The Cat Ate My Gym suit" and it is about this Girl Named Marcy and she struggles on getting Friends, but after some Convincing Marcy shows her True Colors by Letting Everybody Know that the Principal Should have not Gotten Rid of her Favorite English Teacher.

Mrs. McLean
06/22/2011 09:03

Hello Ladies,

I am so excited about the reading you guys are doing over your summer. I hope you see this website as a resource for finding even more books. Don't for get to check out the Create tab so that you can get extra credit when you start the school year.

I am currently reading "The Notebook". Yes I am a little late but a friend of mine told me I was missing out if I didn't read it. I am about halfway through it now and am enjoying the book. Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors for pleasure reads.

Remember Gotta Keep Reading!

Arianna Hall
08/16/2011 15:47

Hey fellow classmates and teachers,

This summer i was sent on a mission to read Hoot by Carl Hiaasen. This heart warming tale about a couple of kids trying to save some owls from a mother paula's pancake resteraunt being built where they live.

Hoot really takes you on a journey starting when Roy Eberhadt moves to Coconut Cove and discover's a young man by the name of Mullet Fingers, that runs without shoes on.Roy finds himself getting deeper involved once he has an encounter with Beatrice, Mullet's step sister.

When Roy finds out that Beatrice's step brother is behind the vandalism of the pancake house's construction site, he wonders why he would do that. That's when he learns about the owl's and decide's to step in to help.

As the three of them continue to try and expose the scandal of the pancake house people, they slowly are staring to make. And thus a friendship greater than any surfaces.

Now i'm not exactly the type that read's juvenile fiction, i like a little bit more of a challenge, but i must admit that this story is pretty good. I almost cried at the end! I enjoyed reading it, and i hope you check it out too!

Essence Chapman
09/21/2011 05:52

The last book I read was Way Down Deep. I really didn’t like the book because it was not me and how I thought it would be. Like the girl Rudy June she was adopted I was never adopted see where am going. Her foster mom loved her so do my mom but that’s not me. I would like a book that likes understand me.

jeremiah acton
09/21/2011 06:18

the last book i read was dave at night it was a good book beacuse it reminded me about my poppop :-)

Yahzmeen Watss
09/21/2011 06:26

The last book i read was Lost and Found , and i kinda of liked it , it had alot of action in it and it was a good book that i didnt mind reading :)!.

09/21/2011 06:27

The last book I read was called hex. It was about a young girl who discovered she had powers and she thought of it as a gift she was born with. She never used her powers until one day she wanted to experiment and finally used them and she discovered they were too much for her so she stopped using them.

09/21/2011 06:35

Hello fellow student & teachers,
The Last Book I read Was "Blind Mountain" I Really Liked it because it was cool & it had some parts were I just wanted to continue reading. Also, It touched me when the dad & son got lost in the mountains.

09/21/2011 06:38

The last book I read over summer was called IT by Stevin King.
It was a horror book and its about this clown and his a killer and theirs seven kids that try to get ride of him when they were younger but when the are grown up it comes back and the all made3 a promise that if they didn’t kill it they would come back and kill it so the people in the town the grow up in is safe


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